In That Tree Stairing Down At Me

Little bird sitting in a tree branch staring at me. With your feathers so fluffed you look so pretty. Opening your wings grooming yourself. What so you think as you sit in that tree staring down at me. Maybe I am a giant who scares you. Maybe you are hungry should I put out some blueberries and seed for you to eat? You sit there looking down at me maybe you are protecting young nearby me. What do you think little bird, what’s on your tiny little brain. Is there a nest that I can not see? Little bird sitting there in that tree don’t fear me rather sing a beautiful song to my ear so pretty and in elegant tone. Your just a little bird sitting there staring at me. With our lives so different I would love to know what you think. Enjoy and rest sitting upon that high branch up in that tree staring down at me.

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