The Poet And Artist You Believed In

You once told me as a mother and my friend

that I was inspirational

that I was well with my words

you always told me that I was a good writer

that I was a poet of many words

that my inspiration and my voice could change the world

that I could move mountains just by walking the valleys

I just needed to believe

you always enjoyed my work

you once told me that I was a good artist

that I always had good strong detail

these words you said I had never believed

I had never tried to do these works for you as much as I could

now you have gone and everything of inspiration and art is coming out more

I feel bad cause I had never had the chance to really show you

though I thank you for showing me just what I had

if you were here today I know that you’d be proud

you told me that even my brother’s believed in me

yet I could never believe in myself

it took your death for me to really open up and try to please you

inside I see now the poet I really can be

I love doing it, but I am not doing it for me now

I am doing it for you in your great memory

I have fully become the poet and artist you believed in


dedicated to my mom who died in 2010

who believed in me and had faith in what I could do and be

even I didn’t always see

I love you mom.

I am proud to be the poet and artist you believed in

even if I feel bad that you never had the chance to enjoy these poems I have recently made

rest your soul and I’ll see you again one day when it is in my time

Published by

J. Palmer

Living under the wings of God and the angels around me keeping me going and safe. Sharing the love of Christ.

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