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The Poet And Artist You Believed In

You once told me as a mother and my friend

that I was inspirational

that I was well with my words

you always told me that I was a good writer

that I was a poet of many words

that my inspiration and my voice could change the world

that I could move mountains just by walking the valleys

I just needed to believe

you always enjoyed my work

you once told me that I was a good artist

that I always had good strong detail

these words you said I had never believed

I had never tried to do these works for you as much as I could

now you have gone and everything of inspiration and art is coming out more

I feel bad cause I had never had the chance to really show you

though I thank you for showing me just what I had

if you were here today I know that you’d be proud

you told me that even my brother’s believed in me

yet I could never believe in myself

it took your death for me to really open up and try to please you

inside I see now the poet I really can be

I love doing it, but I am not doing it for me now

I am doing it for you in your great memory

I have fully become the poet and artist you believed in


dedicated to my mom who died in 2010

who believed in me and had faith in what I could do and be

even I didn’t always see

I love you mom.

I am proud to be the poet and artist you believed in

even if I feel bad that you never had the chance to enjoy these poems I have recently made

rest your soul and I’ll see you again one day when it is in my time


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We Are Children Of God

We Are Children Of God

Take each moment with stride

enjoy the ride

leave the things of this world that you do not like behind

make beautiful and happy memories

trust in him and his mysterious works

serve him with all that you have in you

follow him in everthing you may do

I have seen miracles happen

I have seen even silent prayers answered

leave things of the world behind

become one in the spirit

become a child of God

hold onto courage even when you think that you can not

the mystery will reaveal when he wants

all the love he has given

by the blood we have been given

to form what we have become

moving forward in life and in time

with strength to hang on

we are the children born to be voice upon the world

we are the saints and the children

we have turned over our sins and accepted our wrongs

we are the daughters, the sons, the mothers and fathers

we are brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles

grandparents, leaders

we are the children of God

we are followers of Christ

he lets us rest easy within his holyness

finding myself in the midst of you

trying to do our best

at a loss for words you see your life

however in your soul and heart

knowing its okay

everyone falls

everyone fails but accepts their faults

 works at correcting the wrongs making them made right

Lord God speak

let me hear your voice

I’ve seen dreams come true

i’ve dreams that move a mountain

forming hope within

broken hearts becoming reformed

this is what faith can do

when we fall having the strength to get back up

serve him

he’s your father

he’s your friend

he’ll be here to the end

be children of God

we are children of God

we are the voice of the future

the leaders of a new nation in the making

we are children of God

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Tools ‹ Angel Takes Flight — WordPress

Tools ‹ Angel Takes Flight — WordPress.

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Hopeless Hope

With my life round me crumbling to pieces and darkness prevailing in

 kids schedules off balance from the life that I have been given

 my heart lonely and emotions running dry of tears

I try to search for this light of hope yet it’s nowhere to be found

my heart begins to harden and die as I begin to see no hope inside

 this hopeless hope comes rushing in like rapids on a river

 I begin to loose my faith in all things in life that I see

 while i see nomore hope in front or around me

 I had once conquered my fear built in my life giving me hope in many places of void

now my hope that I once had within has died out burning out the flame

 and gone with the wind

 not even things that have kept me happy keep me happy anymore

 I feel like running away and walking right out the door

In your arms I want to be

 embraced and full of love

for if I were with you I couldn’t be so blue

  my hope would be filled once more

 all has gone lost since she passed away I can’t find any hope left inside

you opened the door for me once before and I know in time it will show me a sign but life is so hard with this hopeless hope

 I can’t even cry one tear

 my heart is longing for this hope again and crying full with pain

I lived my life as I best have

not yet giving up but hope I need to find

 you say that two sets of footprints are here one mine and one yours

 that you are here but it’s so hard anymore for mearly the thought that in tough times when I only see the one set this is when I needed you most and this my dear is when you have carried me along that tough road

 I can not feel as you are here at all

my heart has hardened to keep me sain as best it can while protecting me from disater of myself

I only ask of you to help me out here to find a way to help me locate and find the hope I search as I feel I have failed and lost the way needing some extra help today

If you really are with me this I plee

 find a new life and help me for this hopeless hope is filling within me drounding me

within washing me away in sorrow

I know that I conqured this once before  though I feel I can not this time for sure

I ask of thee to help me stay strong for a though road I have known

to find a place for me to be that I can call my own my home

 bring me into the happy place I once had always known

 finding peace and serenity within filling me once again with that hope

my road has slimmed my health is failing

 soon I fear there will not be much more life in me let alone a trust in you my spirit is growing dim my vision has already become blind

my mind within my brain is dieing as hope has gone away

in search of hope I try to find I try to continue still however passing time and digging deep i see none in sight

 only a hopeless hope I see that I wish I could destroy

 it’s ugly and evil and nothing to view as it only depresses me more

build me up lord

help me once more

 I am loosing myself like a quicksand pit sucking me into it’s hole

 I have nothing much left within for I have already given up this life I have right now life is too hard for me to like

please vanish this hopeless hope and build me up inside

giving me a strong support to hold me high

for my time is coming near that I will soon give up some more

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