Life Shook By The Earthquake And Tsunami

What would you do if you awoke to another ordinary day as every other day and with no warning your whole life was like it was erased from your embrace. I think if it were me part with in me would be happy and free showing me a new direction to start fresh again in areas I may have seen lacking of happiness and relief although I probably would also see some sadness as the things in life important to me or that had made me happy may have been the things wiped out of my life for eternity or close to forever but that is Just my imaginations of what could have been with me giving me somewhat of a fresh start and second chance

I look at this world today and can not even really imagine the what life is of today there would be just too many with over hundreds and possibly by the thousands dead or missing I can not even fathom it in reality because there is no way to it wasn’t me
Though my heart goes out to all the many affected and worries about the friends and family that we know or have who live there who are affected by it first hand while i hurt still for those others unrelated who are suffering in pain or in their own worry or even over loss that they have been part of a tsunami and an earthquake of 8.9 many killed and an entire train missing this is all something I feel their pain there screams of terror and fears and I pray for good cause and families torn apart or lost this is sad to hear then for it to come so near as far to the US west coast where there are people I care about and I know it brings in my own fears as I worry about them all from right here and nowhere near

its sad yea but it is fact, life, and real and it is something that God or Satan left in our lane of life to make us see whether it be to be learned from or to be known and grow from we will learn and know in good time but Father God for now until we know why bless those who still have life, touch those who lost important people loved ones and families heal the sick,injured and hurt, find the many who are lost and give back the true importance of the needy who lost all the small they had. Most of all lord bring back unity and serenity into the world and let not hearts be hardened or burdened by this but let some good come from beyond. Be with your planet in time of grievance and disparity and help it make all stronger then. For I can not even think what this life is like to have all your life that you have ever seen and known washed and ripped from beneath your feet in life within. For this life shook by an earthquake and Tsunami.

dedicated to all that felt it, experienced it, took part in it or were alive to see this part of history formed that day on Friday March,11 2011

May God bless all.

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