Simple Spirit

Have you ever wondered if there were a spirit for your every need in life

If there were a spirit for every need in your life

 we probably wouldn’t need the help of a counselor or a shrink

 if we had just that one spirit who could lend us that little extra helping push

just think

if we had a headache that just would not ease

 we’d just say headache spirit please remove it away

if we had a friend in need we could just say

friend spirit please help my friend today

it’s easy to believe in a dream when it’s not there

but then to believe that these answers can be requested of God

that these simple answers  can be answered thru him

life isn’t so easy anymore

why can we always fill a simple void with an imaginary filler

however  it’s harder to put jesus christ in that same void 

but then trying to ask for that need to be met is impossoible to actually do the same

seems to me life sometimes could be real lame

try to think of Christ as that simple spirit

Life’s Turbulance

There are times in life where we have our ups and downs

weather we have our friends around or not

life travels many different roads

sometimes it can roll round and round like a rollercoaster

while other times it just travels up and down

throwing blocks within your path

giving life it’s own life’s turbulance

things in life we may see but we may not understand

things we may feel right but may not take the right path

life’s turbulance is a ride all it’s own

pay attention and follow your to tracks try to stay clear of life turbulance

Lifesong In Life

In each persons life lives a persons dream

In this simple dream we see this persons life

we see the dreams they have and create into one song

they have all the words and dreams put into this lifesong

each dream forming another piece into their life

creating your only lifesong in life

the song which God placed within your life when he created you to be you

The Butterfly

Her colors so bright and brilliant that they come out like neon shimmering in the sun

her pattern so bold that it stands out within a crowd

her destinct design that is like no other

as she wraps herself up within her own web she looks like an amazing work of art

then her release to open her webbed cacoon and invision the new moon as her new light

as she sees the light of the night she sits upon a branch to rest in it’s sight

when the sun comes out again in day she flutters gently upon it’s breeze

tiptoeing on to each little flower or tree

within the spotlight of everyones gazeing at her amazing beauty

she flitters and floats over ever flower and hedge taking new hights each day