In My Bed I Lye Awake

In my bed I lay awake
another sleepless night at stake
tossing and turning until daybreak here in my bed I lye awake
Here I am in daylights rays trying to shade my tired eyes
restless with wonder if your okay
here I lay awake again
seems sleep means nothing more to them
my dark days waisting thru night again while I watch the shadows among us growing as light approaches into day another sleepless night for me while light fills the sky my eyes draw more heavy but I still can not reach this sleep that I so do crave
remembering the quiet infants they once were letting you sleep all thru the night catching a nap even thruout the day
you still could do what things that you wanted to with time for you
now they are older and so much changed
there is barely any free time remained
with hope still holding high to my side I try to rest now in the daybreak this is so hard indeed as darkness has left and that OS really what I need. Light keeps me up evenmore as I try to rest my head in this pillow I see as you wolves telling you immediately so goodnight I bid as I remain trying to rest my tiny head I lye hoping to gain some quiet sleep I close my eyes to brake my gaze as I lye wake as beat I can time for me to go to sleep in my bed I lye awake

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