The Accident

You come to slow up letting others make their ways ahead comin upon your turn you evaluate the scene all clear you begin to turn left and start into the lane as you creep on into your full turn out of nowherelike a black lepord he came racing as fast as he could approaching out of nowhere he apeared and came straight at us full in speed just about there not even trying to change speed or slow down or even let us pass he came at us so fast had finally almost finished the turn when thunder rolled and shock hit along with pain scenes of life flashed upon the sky not knowing wheater you shall live or die one last thought of your young kids tears emerge from your eyes as you realize your still alive

climbing from within this aluminum thing you go look at the damage taking pictures of what was done not once does your speed fast lepord check to see if all were okay pulling on down the road off which we turned as we slowly pullover into a driveway next to us off the turn  watching for a minute as dad gets out to walk back to the 4 way I stay taking pictures and shots from the event just claimed

pain growning intense in my shoulder, neck and leg the medics arive  asking me if I am alright answering them honestly in my own fear still they load me onto a gerny with a board and collar taking me in with lights and sirons running tests  of all kinds diagnosis sprained ankle, and sprained shoulder rest for six weeks

and the officer telling my father it’s his fault when it’s clearly not with noone to understand how do I fight this fight with demand when they all are unwilling to hear my stand in an instant when all should have been dead but somehow miracles happened and changed all

with impact that should have happened sooner with my looking him right in his eyes but all changed in fate

although they still won’t listen and hear with no witnesses stepping up to the field to help on the truth

left in pain all alone noone listening to your story here left alone to panic in fear and worry your heart for the rest as well especially you own little girls who you love most of all more than yourself

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