He swims thru the water like a child learning to swim

and stands on two feet to stick his snout out for air

he lyes on his back to bathe in the sun

hiding under rocks and behind plants in safety of the banks

hiding from predators of the waters and nights

with four webbed tiny fingers on each foot it has

 two tiny holes for the tip of his nose

thruout the water he swims as fast as he can

eating the plants and junk of the waters keeping it clean

from sizes small medium and large they can range

and they live in the wild or even as a pet today

you’ll even see him in a book or movie kissing a princess

he is known as a frog

although when I hear frog it reminds me of that which my youth leader once taught  me

FROG is to Fully Rely On God

either frog is a friend and will always be frog till its end

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