Beauty Of Relaxation

A Mothers Life

The beauty of relaxation is getting to sit and rest

the beauty of relaxation is knowing that you’ve done your best

with every stressing moment now behind you

every child’s cry ceased

every piece of you life tied down to the ground holding you down making your self feel fully at ease like you have fullfilled your very own edge to surpass relief

These are when you have mastered the beauty of relaxation beneath your feet

sit and take that weight off now

give your soul some rest

release the bonds that have tied you to this stress

you my dear have done well

you have found the beauty of relaxation

pat yourself once for a good commend

pat your self twice for that smile

for all along you have held back holding back that bright big smile

this is a place that you can feel a peace

relax yourself in silence

listen to the wind within the tress

take your self out for dinner tonight

you have mastered it’s perfection well

you now full deserve the beauty of relaxation tonight

you have finally found that happy beautiful quiet place you need

take the edge off

lay down and sleep

these are meare needs you have that you can gain yourself tonight this special treat

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