Time In Life

In your life you are always busy

Keeping yourself as best as can be keeping up with your three kids

kids who aren’t always angels of gold being sure that you stay busy

alone with no form of help you do what you can

though even you begin to friegh within

while in your heart you keep hoing things will soon change as you haven’t had enough time just for you and your special loved ones

life looking like you are peering thru a window soaked in rain unable to focus on the next to come and unable to see what is mearly in front of you

your vision nothing but a big blurr

while the little time you have you spend mostly thinking of him

you still wish the time was different somehow in the day come to and end

so drained and tired from the overwork of love you lay upon the pillow helping them go to bed resting their tiny little head and zonk out yourself with no warning ahead missing out on the time you may have actually had

though knowing as you wake you were exhausted within and needed that sleep which snuck up and snuck in

though in the back of your mind your still missing him

falling asleep you loose that time that you and he once had

though sleep feeling the best you have never felt before as you are so tired and drained in life during this crazy tough time

Him saying he understands

but you saying but I want to be there with you having you holding me and my hand thru this extremely hard and lonely time in life

in hope filled wonder questioning if this time in life will ever change or end or if it will be just as it is all along staying the same

this seems to be the true time in life i see

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