Moving From Infancy To Adolescence

Little tiny hands

little tiny feet

first needing the love and support of the helpful parent aside

then quickly and subtly begins to sit themself

then following into a crawl which then soon becomes walking and running

before you know it your child has grown tall and begun to mature in ways you may never have expected so young and so soon

already this once tiny and innocent baby grows and ages so quickly not to long off she’ll be a teen in high school

growing so fast she’ll be moving in from infancy to adolescence just as fast as ever

you’ll be asking myself my gosh where did my tiny child go

where has my time run off to in this life of mine

the little me you used to see running at your feet will suddenly disappear and you’ll slowly begin to forget the memories of how that tiny child really used to be becoming a distant speck in little light

the child becoming just a figment in your mind as she is now growing up and soon will be more mature and as big as you becoming a real and beautiful girl moving from infancy into adolescence

you’ll begin to ask yourself my gosh who is this girl before my face

this is not my baby i was just begining to raise

this is my daughter becoming a real young women

moving from infancy to adolescence

where has time gone

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