The Horse

With a coat like soft silk

the color of amber

hair that flows through the breeze like that of a spirit of the wind

he runs among the valleys with grace and speed among his grace filled prance

his magic fills the air with his majestic power and speed

racing the meadows and valleys like a wild stallion that he is

spending his day roaming the land then in the night hearing the call of the wolf

his face full of  years and age of his kind

his example being that in the one in the lead

though still young at heart he knows not of these gifts which he has

still learning how important he is for his breed

becoming a warrior soon in the night he takes his role and guides his team

he is still filling into his abilities and natural-born inhabitants of his herd

brave and spirited with strength and diligence with the strange yet amazing beauty

running along the horizon of the of the most intense and bold sunset of the intensifying colors of the sky above

running out in the distance with the wildest of the land

this is the story of the most beautiful animal of the universe

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