The Moment To One

You meet each other for the first time and your hearts begin to pound like drums. You gaze into each others eyes noticing no one else around. You begin to think how sweet is he…this hero I see. Day by day goes by than you exchange your first kiss. Both shy and now red in glow you begin to giggle as you both feel kinda embarrassed at this new idea between you two. Months years go by some more and now you have grown still closer some more. Now you look into each others gaze and you can never let go. You have made it this far now ready for the next step into love. You open the door Lyon down in each others arms and begin now getting lost in that once quiet gaze. His gentle touch running across your body like a babies soft small fingers it’s so gentle and soft that you begin to draw in nearer. Your eyes gentle gaze becomes a softer deeper kiss where your lips lock in super and move in a slow closing form around each other so subtle and shallow. Hands beginning to roam to find there safety place at home. While the breath begins to speed up skipping air pockets and hearts behind to race. You begin hearing sounds neither has made before. Suddenly you feel each other thrusting in rhythm and time and bodies getting warm then hot and sweat rolling off each others arms and thigh. Again looking into each others gaze its again different this time as you feel different somehow. You feel fullfilled and content in the moment of exhale. Caught in the moment nonetheless. This moment you have awaited and feel full bliss. Now you look in each others eyes once again one more time and you know at that moment they are the one. You have joined in physical each others flesh and you know that the time that you look in those eyes again will be that moment that you two join to become one. Bringing marriage now foward as an idea and suddenly realizing you are nolonger alone. Together uniting your soul as their own and theirs with yours family becoming one. This is the time when a moment went from the moment to one

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