He Or The Stranger That I Can Not See

Nuts, rythem, passion, play,stranger and ending with proper
are the words that the voices stated as I lay there on my bed and played

thinking of this special someone I hold dear to my heart and think of each day

invisioning us making love and passionate ties I lay there on that bed I did while they shouted and yelled this at that very time

this time I thought that was only mine making me laugh at each single word as it yelled each one as if in rythem to the thoughts of my mind

lying there alone I had still felt someone with me touching my nature of my own body

arousing my spirit I could not believe what it was I was seeing

was it all play in my moment invisioning he, or was it a ghost coming onto me 

when I had finally finished I laughed at this thought

as I focused some more and listened once more to the voice the call of the voices talking to me

He said as I then sat up in the bed Stranger

was it this stranger in my mind I had invisioned in time or was it this ghost of the voices yelling at me

I still find things funny somhow

yet now again in bed but yet this time with silence drawing in once more

Published by

J. Palmer

Living under the wings of God and the angels around me keeping me going and safe. Sharing the love of Christ.

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