Like A Dream

When I saw your face you made me smile

My heart fluttered sending shivers up my spine as it skipped a beat

You were like a dream in the slumber of the night

Like a thought in the clouds I lifted my head in belief while i closed my eyes in a prayer

you were  all I saw in the sight of my eyes

you were like a dream that I never awoke from

My hands began to shake as my blood rapidly flowed thru my veins

My breath was taken away just a lil gasp was all I could say

You were my prince come to save my day

You were like a dream

Now your just a distant word in the dark of night as I hold on to the memories till we see each other one day in the good life

a thought in my mind with my pictures of the brain

lots of memories and lots of strife

holding onto and knowing that all will come to be

and that life in the future will not remain the same

your life of today will hold onto a different name

the fairys will take your old life away helping you make a brighter life today

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