Slumber Rest

Laying my head upon the pillow in my bed

I say a prayer then rest my head

thinking of you as I rest

while watching the snow outside fall

remembering the winters of my childhood filled with bliss

pondering in thought how much we’ll really see

is this finally it or is there still yet more

My eyes feeling droopy my body ice cold

I lay missing you in awe

my life in somewhat slumber rest

 as all the children rest their own little heads

I know when morning falls they’ll ask to go out and play

 running out that front door to enjoy this new snow day

with you still on my mind I try to sleep

although feeling uneasy with envy

Missing you so I look out my window

Watching the white wintery snow falling to the ground below

 to change my  point of focus

from thoughts of you…out to the snow

finally falling asleep calm and resting

I search within my dreams

where in my dreams my focus still remains on you

My love holds strong

to the heart you have

sustaining you I am

In my dreams I dream a story never finished or untold

living each day in a new mystery

His love is true

I know this well

this door is left open for you

 telling me the mysteries of the untold

hidden in duquise

I stay silent

fear within fills me inside

thinking of you as I miss you now

with the thought in me remaining sustained

This is love I will hold tight like a wolf in persuit

of a hunt he sees.

Steady and ready he seems to proceed

While shaking deep inside

just trying to finish off and succeed

this slumber rest is what I need

making me feeling good and refreshed indeed


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