Fire Raging In The Night

Rages higher than the tree tops
With many different colors of red orange and blues in an inferno of heat out in the fifty degree and sixty-five miles per hour gusts this crazy fire raging in the night too many houses and lives near by
Surrounded in woods of trees for miles by and by yet do they care about safety
This I am not sure seems a bit strange in some way
My very own house smelling of smoke within my house
Air so heavy and thick it makes it hard to breath
The neighbors house ashes in the blackened ground people walking down to see how safe they all are for their own families nothing but bright lights as if it were again christmas roads surrounding closed to all traffic nearby everyone in awe about it really being so close to home even for them something like that out of a fantasy movie or a land far away this raging fire lighting the midnight sky and smoke smelling like that of a campfire in the night this was what we returned home to in the middle of the night something we never even expected to be or seen within our plate a deep strong raging fire on the night

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