The Peacock- The Bird Of Royalty And Beauty

Have you ever just sat and pondered about the beauty and majestics around that of a peacock

After many years of enjoyment, laughter, and love of the majestics of the peacocks I began to have a obsessions of their ineer and outer beautys

taking many a photo whenever I was within their presences

Then my sister n law came into my life and it gave me even more genuine reason to focus myself into this intruiging bird as she herself also was just as obsessed with this creature also

Hense giving me more reasons to take many more and different photo’s just for me to share

I look at the way that this bird raises it’s crown making it seem so royal

How the colors are so bright to attract the female better

thinking why couldn’t we have some nature in itruiging color to help us get our mate so easily

Then I begin to think some more about how each feather although it looks pretty much the same in each one is actually unique and genuine in many different ways in each feather of it’s own

Have you actually ever studied a peacock feather


I must say

There is really alot you could do with one

Many different interesting uses for the colorful piece

then to look at the way his feathers fan out making it look just like a giant fan of beauty

one single feather looking like a raindrop or tear drop dripping upon the earth

Or looking deeper into its design kinda looking like many tears falling to tell you its age

I have 3 peacock feathers of my very own

to be able to use them as a toy for the cats, or decor behind a mirror or painting and still see its beauty in the peacock itself and it’s myseterious royal life of majestics

these just seem to make you really think

this is defenetly a bird of many beauty’s, talent, mysetery and majestics

I agree

this is defenately a bird of royalty and beauty

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