Anger Builds As I Resist

Anger builds

emotions rage

 the blood pumps fast as my heart races

 my body begins to tremble

tears begin to weld, my voice begins to raise a tone in a very loud volume

pain filling my heart and mind

 I am so frustrated and angry I feel the emotions roll and the rage build

 the voices calling out names

the person within me starting to try to get out to beat them

Anger builds as I resist

unable to breathe knowing better within myself I begin to hyperventilate with tentions turning me red and shortness of breath

tearing me into trembles, my blood rushing so high I begin feeling numb and my life is just a distant view now as I look far away

I have climbed my highest high and reached past my limit now shutting down as to not face anymore of these out of control kids among my eyes sight

I need to just leave of this sight right now and calm myself in a different view of atmosphere

my focus needs a straight away change it needs it now

Anger builds as I resist the rage

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