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Angel Takes Flight

Angel takes flight high into the sky
Her wings open with the rays of sunlight streaming by her like a rainbow thru the clouds on a rainy day
She begins to lift from the ground and open her wings as the sun sprinkles sun dust down upon her like a myst from a fountain
Her hair how long, beautiful and all the wave to it as it flows down.
She has the most contagious beautiful smile which travels for long far out miles
Her beauty within shines on and on forever having others call her miss sunshine
she has lots of seeds which she sows for and with many that she holds like sunflowers
An angel of mysteriously fine beauty
Filling a room with a full lit bright room as she enters into the door
with a smile of beauty that helps shine a glissen over all within her midst
A inner beauty with nothing but love to give
with the radieance and exuberance to share some joy
while she illuminates any person with her very deep intuition of a self beauty filled life She lifts her wings to raise them high and takes off lifting herself off the ground and into the sky as the angel takes flight she looks like a giant eagle half human taking flight in the sky reminding us in all beauty of God’s grace and love soaring higher into heaven she continues to fly until she vanishes into the deep of the clouds and heavens great lining to return back at the side of the lord’s great throne and heaven’s gate

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The Sketch – The Creative Artist

The sketch is an outline of forbidden lines

crossing over to become the unique design

 within a spectacular drawing

each line significant with another

outlining each curve and contrast for the draft

Creating this picture frame called a sketch

this is the begining of a simple masterpiece

A masterpiece of the mind of a creative artist

This I aam not yet my mom would disagree

She always saw a creative artist within me

My mind always finding a sence of creativity

This is the closest thing I have come to see within me

A simple sketch

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