Trickster Of Many Tricks

The tricks of a trickster that noone can hear

the tricks of the trickster is an invisable staire

Who is this trickster I see roaming about

Who is this trickster all are conversing is about

What is his next trick that he holds up his sleeve

What trick could he possibly do that has not been revealed yet

What is a trickster, a joker, a fool

What has this jester got to do

My eyes stay peeled as i wait in content

My ears listen as I am sceptic yet

Who does this jester think he can fool

Not me I have seen all in my years

I know some tricks I am willing to share

though who cares they think he beats all

The tricks of a trickster I’ll leave them here

Wandering about as I feel I must

Tricktsers are trouble who I leave alone

No good tricks for me to learn

trouble, trouble, trouble are the words that I hear

He’s a con, a fraud, a fool

the joker he is I shall let him be

for he surely will not come and fool me

Hey wait…. I think he got you

you must be a fool

you are reading the story about this jokester I see

this jokester is you playing parnks on me I gotch ya you fool as you have got me

So go out and be the next jokester or con

Make someone smile c’mon you know that you can

be a fool today and brighten the light in someone elses day

You fool I gotcha today

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