The Bold and The Beautiful

When I look into your eyes

I see beauty possessing your souls reflection of me in your heart

Your eyes bold and beautiful

your voice whispering sweet soft nothings into my ears

your mind hearing my deepest secrets and my daring thoughts

as I finish my day dreaming on in life about you

One last glance before I sleep

keeping me awake as I try to rest

your beauty souly golden

your heart pure and true

your mind open and spirit filled

These are the thoughts of the most bold and the beautiful

coming to into my guiding light

one minute less with thee I’d die

souly given my life over to not one but thee

Rest now my love

gain thee your strength

you will need it more when day awake

capture my gaze once more in day break

 filling my heart with all the love you have to give

today is the day of red hearts and love

I dream of this day for us each year I live


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