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Doesn’t He See How Much I Cry

He doesn’t understand how much it tears me apart

He doesn’t the pain he puts upon me

the weight he causes

how much he makes me cry

I am not hurting him but he must always hurt me

My life consists of raising our kids and being an adult

while he works and then does all his childs play

I rarely ever see him and when he calls it is only to herass and start with me

Though to him I’m a slut

yet to me I am spending my entire life raising the kids and being a mom

unlike him who is on his computer all day or sleeping to keep me away

Where is the love and trust in this pain

I dont see it unless I am just laime

not one nice word always pain and hurt

not my idea of love

though he doesn’t see my tears that I cry

if he does it’s always…you damn cry baby get some medication for your bi polar cause I am sure that you have it

Hell it may even be schitzo of crazy women of more than one personality

you bitch you are no good to me or noone

Is it just me or am I laime

I just don’t see a world of fame or love in this life filled picture frame

I guess eight years, three kids never meant a thing and it’s a lost hope that just needs to somehow die and dround


well I don’t know

I am not to shame

I made mistakes in the beginning like anyone could

but I faced front to them and kept going

he shunned me and held me tied to lies

leaving me breaking down and crying not once but all of the times

Where is the love I don’t see it there

build me a new picture with a new frame and maybe then I will but I highly doubt as life around you has showed that all out

Why doesn’t he see how much I cry


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Accusation Without Reasoning

You lye in your bed intently focusing on what you could have done

your heart aching and breaking with each acusation that he lyes upon you

with no understanding of the reasoning of why

When you try to openly discuss it, he pushes you away

Saying nothing but a shameless goodbye

What is it about most men that makes them tend to back away and shut down

I am not nasty or mean

I just try to understand where people come from in what they think and also try to be foward and honest so they can learn me

this is why I must admitt, I love him

but yet I hate and despise him as a man

why must he always start with me

why can’t he just be kind and open with me

will this man ever really leave me alone or will it be like this all along

A women can’t even focus and think and wants not even to see him or talk to him when he does this

everytime they are around each other it’s nothing but hatered and never love

What do I do I never know

he begins yet each time with never a reasoning behind his thinking

it’s just acusation without reasoning

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