Lightening flashes across the sky

Thunder seems to vibrate and shake the earth

rain hits the window paines like a flume splashung everyone as it comes down

the wind blows like a loud howling wolf

lightening flashes through the sky like a light show in the night

lightening flashes in the sky making it nice and bright as day

the colors of the lightening red, blue and yellow

in a wild wind that will lift you off the solid ground

a day you don’t want to be in

stay inside and just continue watching the creeping lightening

as the streaks move in every direction in the sky

down to the ground and jumping from cloud to cloud

wonder if what my mom told me many years ago as child afraid of a storm could be true

thunder is just the angels bowling in the alley in the sky with the tears being the tears of the angels that cry

the temperature begins to drop and the air gets cold

childrens hearts begin to pound as they hide their head buried in their beds from the big loud sounds

the wind begining to sound like a passing train as it’s blowing starts to roar

the thought of this craziness outside my front door

when it will stop we can’t be sure

lightening still flashing deep into the night

thunder rumbling in the dark black sky

no stars out tonight

my heart begins to pound with the stress of trying to settle my kids down

the storm a wild one

Lightening nature’s own electricity

this is the lightening from the storm above


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    1. Thanks I try to keep focused on doing one everyday. Sometimes it works other times not so much. I also am new to WordPress. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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