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Goodbye, A Loss Of A Loved One

Saying goodbye is always tough

with a relationship so strong you don’t want to let go

there are several ways of saying goodbye

Though my thoughts still remain on the loss of a loved one or that special friend

It is rarely something you could prepare for

One day they seem well the next day they are gone

they have life fullfilled beneath their feet

you give them that last kiss for one last goodbye

one tear falling for goodluck and many more goodbyes throughout your life

Say a prayer for those within need



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Lightening flashes across the sky

Thunder seems to vibrate and shake the earth

rain hits the window paines like a flume splashung everyone as it comes down

the wind blows like a loud howling wolf

lightening flashes through the sky like a light show in the night

lightening flashes in the sky making it nice and bright as day

the colors of the lightening red, blue and yellow

in a wild wind that will lift you off the solid ground

a day you don’t want to be in

stay inside and just continue watching the creeping lightening

as the streaks move in every direction in the sky

down to the ground and jumping from cloud to cloud

wonder if what my mom told me many years ago as child afraid of a storm could be true

thunder is just the angels bowling in the alley in the sky with the tears being the tears of the angels that cry

the temperature begins to drop and the air gets cold

childrens hearts begin to pound as they hide their head buried in their beds from the big loud sounds

the wind begining to sound like a passing train as it’s blowing starts to roar

the thought of this craziness outside my front door

when it will stop we can’t be sure

lightening still flashing deep into the night

thunder rumbling in the dark black sky

no stars out tonight

my heart begins to pound with the stress of trying to settle my kids down

the storm a wild one

Lightening nature’s own electricity

this is the lightening from the storm above



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Falling To Pieces

Falling to pieces here without you

Lying in my bed feeling overwealmed with sadness and blue

sitting here on my pillow thingking and dreaming of you

Falling to pieces with tears in my eyes

with a love inside that I do not know

my heart crying out for us to bind

falling to pieces upon the sand

stepping here in the unfamiliar of this unknown land

You love me so yet we can’t even hold my hand

My love holds strong

yet it feels as if you are walking away and loosing hope

I sit and cry at night wonderin why

shaking my head in deny

 could this be true

are we falling to pieces drifting apart

tears falling from within my heart

as i think of you and wonder what will be

everything around me seeming like a distant mystery



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Dreams of the seas

You sit under a stary sky chasing the one shooting across the universe making a special wish while it is in it’s evening bliss

While your life around you seems to vanish into the great abyss and you feel nothing goes the way you planned

You feel inside that you love him so

However even your love for him feel like you are loosing him so

Life just seems on the brink of the edge

Like it’s all a dream that you haven’t awoken from yet

yet this is real

this is life

You try to feel good about things that they will get better soon

however your dreams look too slim

you try to seek help and get nowhere

your tears can’t fall anymore your tangled in a great big knot

Several promises left undone

where is your life going

is this really real

I believe it is and I would like to just shut the forever door

I’m so depressed and hidden inside

I have run away in myself to just run and hide

I seem trapped in a ditch that I can not climb out

While the darkness overtakes me and covers me

Will this life ever get better

Many say so

yet I just really don’t know I’d rather be inside a great big empty igloo

 Making wish on that single falling star but wishes not going anywhere waves crashing on my shore

 shells getting broken to pieces with all the suds wash in blinding me in the light of the moon

wishing I could just jump in the ocean and ride away with a dolphin or a whale out into the wide open never ending sea of possibilities

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