The wolf (call to the wild)

His eyes look into the broad depths of the forest. His ears hear the tiniest piercing pin drop down. His feet leave marks as he run thru tracking himself in the snow. His coat keeps him covered from the weather and cold. He howls at night talking to his ansesters of moons before him. His as wide as could ever be with the color of blue that I see before me. The colors he wears so anchent and amazing with such a beautiful blend. His courage he wears like a metal of honor. His wisdom floating in the wind all the while. His honor to be the best that he can be. His speed to move fast and a hero in need. His loyalty to hold strong to the loves of his heart even when best or worst are putting up steaks to block off his ways. His grey as gourgeous as a winter sky. His white as glistening as snow topped with ice. His time he has is never marked in. His song he sings carrying bold and loud in the wind. He has always been one of my heart to this very day i shall we never part. This wolf I see is always a piece of my heart. His sense of danger is wild at play as he faces and learns to broaden ot’s depths day by day. His kene sense of smell travels off far too. Picking up any and each scent the catches his nose.

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