Ghost Whisper In The Night 2

Some may call them ghosts others spirits. Weather they are ghosts or spirits their word is subtle and quietly heard. sometimes we see what they want us to see or we hear what we hear. However we may the spirits are always there. They are aound listen to all we discuss. They are near when we least expect them there. The ghosts are around everywhere. They hear what we say and hear, they say what they feel and haunt us too. They do what they do to reach out and communicate to you. We feel them when we are near. Souls left behind to figure things out so they can rest in peace. Lost souls not finding a way. Lying in a dark room quiet and focused you can sence and hear and see the unseen. Paranormal does exsist. Your in silent meditation or silent rest when you hear a just as silent whisper in your ear. No one else around you realize that what you had just heard was that ghost whisper in the night of that room. It’s like a silent whisper that comes from the silence of the room. The spirits who have passed from times before yet feel they have something more. Close your eyes. Relax your mind. open your heart to mindful things. This night is the night you may hear the ghost whisper in the air. They are here trying to communicate with us. Feeling a sence of help easing thru. These are the ghost whispers in the night asking for us to help guide them into the light.

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