Is It Amnesia?? Something More…

Although I have never looked death in the full face as others I know have. I have been thinking of what about that time that something were to have happened to me. When I was suppose to die. Would I be like some now who are not ready or too afraid and they faked death to be able to live with their loved ones not ready to leave. probably. However no one is to know for sure what will happen that day. Though what if you were to die and then your spirit got lost in the transition between life and death and didn’t want to face the light doing what many spirits could and jumping into another open body to stay alive. I think about that. Could you imagine the stress. Knowing the life you lived but remembering another ones memories and living as another. I wonder if this really happens. Some can call it amnesia, Is this always amnesia though? I wouldn’t see it as amnesia if you choose to live as yourself but someone else. However what if it really wasn’t your full choice. What if your spirit decided and you had not fully consented to it and were trying to live as yourself but things weren’t making sense, Oh I dunno just some random thoughts.

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J. Palmer

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