Missing Him So

I lay here in the dark crying inside thinking of him.

for eventhough we are always close there never seems to be the time.

we are always ending like two ships into passing seas.

with all schedules rambled they rarely ever meet in sync.

I lay here crying inside wanting things back as they used to be.

Mising him so and wanting him near to me.

Where the two of us met  eye to eye with not enough time in a day, but all the time in the world for nothing else but us.

Liife now is different I see.

It all feels like a dream slowly becoming a fantasy and moving out of reality.

Late at night is when I miss him worst.

When my world around me begins to slow down.

Why must our times cross at the paths.

Why can’t life just be in bliss.

Sigh, guess it back to bed now lonely again I see.

I lay here at night missing him bad.

Lying my head upon my pillow and hands.

Wishing that I could cry on his shoulder at times.

rarly ever seeing day in a light with us.

Oh how I miss you so my love.

I go back to sleep now to dream again of you.

goodnight my love.

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