Life is Life

For every tear drop that falls.

For every whistle that blows.

 For every reason with no reasoning.

 There is a wave in the ocean that crashes down.

 For every star in the sky.

For every hour lost.

For every baby that’s born.

 There is a prayer sent up to heaven.

Raindrops fall down.

 Flower petels drop to the ground.

 Snowflakes cover the paths that have been lost many years before.

Travelers looking to find their way.

This is what life is like today.

Pain and sorrow.

Always something new going on tomorrow.

 Life is never fair, and it’s rarely ever there.

Life is Life.

That’s how the marbles roll.

They say life will become better you’ll see.

They say things will come together making a brighter new day.

I’ve seen many things, though for myself I am sure.

What looks dull today.

Though may be harder to accept.

 Will bring life brighter tomorrow in time to come.

I still find way to believe.

You ask me how.

 Yet I don’t know.

Just continue somehow to follow faith in Jesus.

 With better hopes for tommorrow.

For every babies cry.

 For every cats meow. 

For every sound upon the earth there is silence that soon follows behind as well.

For every dark stary night.

 For every sun filled light.

For  everything on earth there is a God.

God created the universe and all around as well.

Nothing so big, nothing so small.

 Our God created all.

Life is Life.

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