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  1. Your poem touched me as I just found out my mother has cancer. I could relate to your words very much. Your mom was beautiful and I hope you are finding peace as well.

    1. Thank you Sarah. That’s one of my daughters name beautiful. Glad you were able to feel at home with it. I know that you don’t know me, but I have gone thru it if you need a friend or a listening ear. I lost my mom just a lil over a year ago to Brain Cancer which actually had become caused from a lyme disease infection just before. I have also lost many other family members to other grim cancers as well. So if you just need a friend to vent to or talk with you may confide in me. Good luck and I am sorry and saddened to hear. May God be with you always and there after evenmore thru these trialed times. I know how sad, hard, and trying especially it is. I really am sorry. YOu and all your family and loved ones will remain in my prayers. Thanks for being open with me.
      Jen (Angel)

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