You’re all I ever think about, you’re my mind and soul.
You’re all I ever think about. You’re what makes me whole.
Your my light in the dark of the night. your my sun brining me a smile again.
You’re all I ever think about. My thoughts always growing nearer to you.
your my key into a life of the deep unknown.
 My sand on a beach who continues me well and makes me known.
You’re my everything.
 You’re my midnight’s dream.
Wherever you go I will follow.
 Shall we never part or say goodbye.
Stay with us always each day till we die.
 My love is larger and falling hard, I don’t want to fall too hard to hit the ground.
Pick me up and brush me off.
This life of ours i do not yet know but sone one day will never to be alone. I love you now and forevermore,
This little lady is ready to open the christmas door.

My dream only a glowing realm over my head. Turn it to magic and add in BELIEVE. This day will come as soon as it should.
There will be be nomore living in slum of the hood. Turn into tommorrow, and make us believe.
Don’t cry as I watch from the otherside wishing and hoping that this day will come, that together we become one in a true family.

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