What A God

What a God

A man of many wonders

A man of knowledge

A man of true purity and heart

What a God




A God that does not boast

A God that is forgiving

A God that is never jealous

What a God he is

A God with love that is everlasting

A God of miracles and blessings

A God of many faces

A God who is found in many places

A God who doesn’t miss a thing

An all knowing God

What A God

As The Storms Rage On

When the thunder rolls

The rain falls

The clouds of curtains call

Lightning strikes

At the sound of rumbles

Flood waters rise

Streets get closed

Trees fall

Angels rise to the skies

Protecting those who lost all

Who have turmoil in their lives

Turbulence like a flight

Comes near

As God listens to hear

Hearing the call of all prayers sent

Many in sight ahead

The thunder rolls

Far off sound rumbling yet near

As thunder takes a special route

Bringing out the Monday lights

Rain falling on the sidings around

Wind blazing across the wheats

Heavens raining down

Rising storm ahead

Jesus calls upon the calm

As the storms rage on

In That Wonderful Day

In That Wonderful Day

In that wonderful day

you will sing of his praise

Honor his name

Glory be done

He will know your name

He will know of your friends

Nothing else will matter

But the things he says

Judgements will be done

All truths will surface

When we see his face upon us

There will be no hiding from our God

He knows all ahead

Nations will fall

Countries will vanish

The face of God will present in that time then

Joyous song will prevail

Worship will increase

Evil will suffer and dissipate

The time of Christ will soon come

These are things that will be done

Here peace amongst believers will be made

Linville Media Goofie Noofies pony’s

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One Nation Under God

One Nation Under God!!
God Bless America
God Bless The USA!!

One nation under God is what we seek
No reformatories
No rioters and loots
No war
No violence
teaching proper peace
The peace of Jesus Christ
In his image we know
One nation under God
That is the way to go
No more hate or crime
Brothers living in union for the country they call home
One nation under God
This is what we must be
To bring together oneness and unity

One Nation Under God!!
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