Become One

I Love how his eyes gaze into mine as if he’s staring into a large open wide sky
The stars of intimate flame burn within his gaze yet he keeps silent so not to tell
However I feel and see his racing heart I feel the pounding fast beats
I see his heavy breathing and intimacy written in his eyes not at all a surprise
True love holds strong tales tieing two bonds as one lust becoming war, making love becoming forever one
two worlds once separate and of themselves met as soul mates thru fates door forever changing upon entry and becoming one forevermore
Not Lust, Not just sex, not one night stands mad to last all night tonight it’s making love,
becoming one putting meaning behind actions and names making one future bond for eternity and lifelong ends
New beginnings, New blessings a new life making and creating a whole new you
It’s not just sex its making love and adoring each other in every essence of way seeing each other from deep within and without to bring the best of the best from beneath each other out
forming a foundation of the outer heart to build upon the inner heart and plant upon it your true mark on love’s open door

I love the way he dreamily stares at me with just  slight smile as if to silently say you now I love you close your eyes and rest upon me I will keep you warm and safe
lay you head gently upon my chest and I will keep you warm have no fear I have shown you always in everyway I am here it’s ok now rest and stay calm I have given you all of me
It’s not about the sex it’s about the love the inner peace he brings and holds the entire way he sits by my sides it’s about the gentle feel he releases chemically as he just so subtle runs his fingers across my soft face
it’s about the bond you begin when you find that true one and find your one
your soulmate your beauty your sun it’s about when you make that choice together as two seperate human beings to together choose to become one

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God His Protector

In a daydream she lay and wait calmly in prayer awaiting his fate

Unsure of anything more she lay quietly outside his hospital door

Questions and Answers left unsaid

In prayer she relied as her heart faltered to believe

knowing his strength she kept her head high as she awaited the doctors okay

God his protector will keep him safe in ever way with belief

Today I pray for you in the summer sun and moonlight as I await the time of your waking again by my side

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He opened his eyes and saw all the beauty created

The light in the beginning

The darkness of night

The trees and plants in all beauty he could see

Man and women as it should be

He opened his eyes to see the beauty he placed

One single rib to form man

He said wow amazing

as he created earth and all in it as he said

This was his masterpiece

Beauty in the end of what he did

Creation the beauty of the master’s hand

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In the sunrise i see the sun rays amongst the clouds

Shining hope in disguise

The dew like teardrops on a rose

The smell of every summer breeze

Beauty held within

That’s different front ever beauty ever known

The cool breeze blowing gently amongst your skin

Summer has come again

Hope shining through to brighten the way

This is a beautiful summer day

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Jesus, One True Friend

In a crown of thorns he hung on a cross

giving his life to save you and I

Two men by his side he gave up his life

To save all man kind

Blood running down his face

he said forgive them

Took his last breath and died

Even a moment we can’t understand

Jesus gave out his loving hand

He promised to be there till the very end

To live again as he once before did

To show his face amongst all who live

Keeping his promise he rose again

For all to see and save us all from sin

Jesus is one true friend

who you can count on till the end of time

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A Man Of Honor For His Own Country

He stood on a hillside

rifle by his side

he saluted the hero’s that once worked beside him who lost their lives

Unsure of his own fate ahead he stood on a hillside rifle in hand

Awaiting the battles he was about to face

Thinking of family

his own son whom one day may follow in his own steps he made

All his buddy’s now hero’s as he himself becomes a hero

Serving his country with all his might

Seeing places in different light

Remembering those whom once went before him

once stood at his own side

It was now his very own fight as he now sit to ponder upon that solum hillside

In his words God bless America

As he sit and pray

for he knew one day that hero could be him and not his friend

He was a soldier this is what he chose to be

A man of honor for his own country

To all the hero’s who once stood here wishing you best this Memorial Day

Remembering those who fought the war and went to battle their very own fight at life

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Within The Silence

Lying in wait as he’s within the silence

my soul searching for the aroma of his scent

feeling my heart beat within my chest

missing him so

unsure where he did go

knowing within that he hasn’t gone far

but drawing up wonder yearning him here

silence gripping me in the soul

his scent lingering

my mind wandering

my heart yearning for his sensual love

where is he

where has he gone

is he okay

mall this beyond me

as I lye within the wait of silence before me

wantungbto run and jump into his arms

the silence surrounds me

i just lye in wait within silence before me

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The Light Shining Through The Darkness

Dripping is the sound of the rain

Whisping is the sound of the wind

Silence is the sound of the beginning

Finding Jesus my only truest friend

The light shining throughout the darkness which fell the night Jesus stood and gave his life

Life for you and life for me he gave his life to set us free

No other man could understand or feel the pain he dealt with

But deep inside his care had no amount

He lay upon the cross hands open to welcome us into his new life he began waiting to hug each and everyone the same

The wood all warn like his very own spirit

The sound of silence is what everyone could hear

Shattered and in pain he lay there to take in a great burden for you and me

Telling the stories of how it all shall be when he goes and sets us free

No other man not you or me could suffer the same and stand in the trust and truth he had that day

Taking his last breath and a gasp in the dark he recited the words

So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit to die

Beforehand expressing his love for even the sinful of men by reciting the words “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do”

You and me could never be as strong desire as he

For when others fail against us it becomes an issue so big

Yet to Jesus it meant everything

Laid in a tomb to show forth once again he promised is where it all soon would begin

A promise he gave and a promise he kept

Rising again as a very new man just as he had left he came back again

As understanding and forgiving as he was yet before

Could you stand at the cross and watch a man promise his life away to set all free

Could you except his forever eternity he gave that day

Could you trust and believe in this which is true

Cause in the beginning to end he saved you

Taking your sins as no one can

Jesus forever is a mans only true friend

He asks us to follow him and come home

Can you say yes and walk thru the door he has open just and only for you

Each story different from the one before as each door opens for each unique

You are man he gave his very life for you

Only you can receive and recall what he’s done for you

Come home and find your way bringing you to a forever eternity as he promises always to you and me

The caring one giving it all to help us be free from the sins which forever consume thee

This is the man of all men who gave it all

Don’t turn him away as he has already accepted you

Could you stand at his cross the day he died and look at him and take in all his love and say in God we trust remember me

Or would you walk away mocking him as others had done already

Think on this it could just be your only chance to say yes I believe that you set me free and accept him within your heart to share with his glory

You may not mean the world to others like you but to him Jesus you meant everything

He saw the potential in you we can not see ourselves and waged all for that very heart he saw

One single man who gave it all to save all the men and women of the earth

Give him yourself today and let him in

In him he truly accepts everyone

Let Jesus be your one true friend as he loved you from the beginning to the end and still again welcomes you back when he returned from the dead just as he promised and said


John 3:16 NKJV

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

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