Become One

I Love how his eyes gaze into mine as if he’s staring into a large open wide sky
The stars of intimate flame burn within his gaze yet he keeps silent so not to tell
However I feel and see his racing heart I feel the pounding fast beats
I see his heavy breathing and intimacy written in his eyes not at all a surprise
True love holds strong tales tieing two bonds as one lust becoming war, making love becoming forever one
two worlds once separate and of themselves met as soul mates thru fates door forever changing upon entry and becoming one forevermore
Not Lust, Not just sex, not one night stands mad to last all night tonight it’s making love,
becoming one putting meaning behind actions and names making one future bond for eternity and lifelong ends
New beginnings, New blessings a new life making and creating a whole new you
It’s not just sex its making love and adoring each other in every essence of way seeing each other from deep within and without to bring the best of the best from beneath each other out
forming a foundation of the outer heart to build upon the inner heart and plant upon it your true mark on love’s open door

I love the way he dreamily stares at me with just  slight smile as if to silently say you now I love you close your eyes and rest upon me I will keep you warm and safe
lay you head gently upon my chest and I will keep you warm have no fear I have shown you always in everyway I am here it’s ok now rest and stay calm I have given you all of me
It’s not about the sex it’s about the love the inner peace he brings and holds the entire way he sits by my sides it’s about the gentle feel he releases chemically as he just so subtle runs his fingers across my soft face
it’s about the bond you begin when you find that true one and find your one
your soulmate your beauty your sun it’s about when you make that choice together as two seperate human beings to together choose to become one

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The Overwhelming Silence of The Unknown

Sitting in the abyss of understanding an nothing

When your life seems uncontrollable and like it’s taken from you

A overwhelming silence of the unknown

Your heart pounding as blood pulse they the beating of your heart

Feeling like your in the middle of nowhere

That there’s no way out

You fall into the dark of the life you do not know

Depression takes hold

As the pain begins

This is overwhelming silence of the unknown

Confusion takes root

You begin a lost trail to nowhere and begin to fight harder to last and survive

This is the overwhelming silence of the unknown

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Lost Within My Mind

Lost within the inside of my mind I cry waiting on time as life passes by

No stars in the midnight sky my love distant in the realm of unknown as I sit and cry alone

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You’ve Been There All My Life

You’ve been there all my life

You’ve seen all my ups and downs

Experienced things you shouldn’t of had to

Yet you’ve remained by my side holding on

You’ve remained strong and not left me alone

and remained with me through it all walking with me to the end

Staying a pure and good close friends

Never leaving me alone you carry me as I fall

You pick me up when I’m too low

Keep your eyes always on me as we go

You walk with me as we stray

You’re everything I ever needed within my journey

Your my one true friend

Your the best

You’ve been there all my life

Through thick and thin and will still do it again

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Where The River Runs

Where the river runs

The mockingbird follows

The hummingbird nests

The whippoorwill calls and sings a beautiful song

Where the river runs

The child follows

The baby cries as the native carries her in the fields

The fox frolic along the brush

As deer prance through the forest

Where the river runs

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Looking for a new Home

6 months old

serious inquiries if interested comment or email

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To Begin With Me

You begin with essence

You sleep with peace

You think with prosperity

You view with vision

To begin with me

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My Mother

You lit my life

You lifted me high

You raised me above levels unseen I could never imagine

You brought out the life in me

You believed in me in every way

You had the faith I could never find

You were my mom

You were my best friend

The girl no one else could ever replace

Your still as important to me as if you were here next to me today

Your still loved in every way

Your still thought highly of in everything I do

You are my everything of which has created me and made me become who I am and who I’m trying to become today

You are my hearts desire and my every smile

You are my mother

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