I Lift My Voice To God

I lift my voice God

For you alone are my strength

I can’t cry

Only a tear drops from my eyes

In such trialing times

I should be more intimate

I can’t cry

Only a tear drops from my eye

Intense sorrow overwhelms

Bliss wiped away and gone

Blessed be your name in all the earth

Holy is your voice

On a road marked with suffering

For a price I can never repay

A ransom you paid

I can’t cry

Only a tear drops from my eyes

Still I say blessed be your glorious name

Fighting For Life-A Soldiers Moments

In the moments
Heat rising
Sweat boiling down his neck
He feels the rush
And the movements
Though he still moves at full force
Sweat pouring over his face
For he knows this could be intended for more
A soldier lays helpless on the floor
His hand grasped around his chest
Weapon still in hand
He knows at any moment the could awake and it’d be his own last breath
Putting his own life at stake
he reaches for the gun
His only chance of escape
Intertwining fingers lifting and prying away as his breathing becomes rapid and racing away
This is his last chance for becoming a real man
He grabs the gun and radio too
For he knows he must do all he can do for saving this soldier who lays lifeless on the floor
So he turns the radio to channel twelve
Sending out signal for help
Knowing that he had to run before he’d be found
For enemies or not he’d fall in blame
When in the distance he hears a sound as he turns to face away there stands a child in tears and alone
He knows he has to run towards the sound but what will come of the child with no family or home
He whispers shhh and picks the child up
Who’s crying and alone
And takes that child also towards the sound
He shoots a flare gun high in the sky
Knowing that this could save their lives
A helpful chopper of his own kind is seen on the horizon and heard nearby
In this moment it was time to pray
For this was his moments of life and death for he and the little child he picked up along the way
The moments of fear only one going through can describe
Sweat now soaking even his clothes as fear wonders if they will be saved
For even the chopper ahead still has a fight for life to clear way and get to him
And what to come of the child
Moments of fear rush in again
The chopper makes it overhead
And drops a net for him to safely climb aboard
He lifts the child above his head as he climbs and safely makes it inside
safely in the chopper he thanks God and is glad to be going home again safe and with friends
In the moments unseen and freedom found

When we find ourselves in dangerous but desperate situations we tend to take to drastic measures and our thoughts race and hearts beat and we begin to face our fears sometimes in our very own life and death situations fears are never easy to surpass but easier to release in the end when all moments clearly seen and despair has been cleared emotions scrambling and bringing out to show your own true colors of your soul sometimes measures to save all being helpful is not always easy and sometimes can be very scary to face but helping someone always shows honor and brings comfort in the end

A Sailors Life

On a ship out to sea

A sailors life for me

Pirates set sail

To an island far away

A sailor I shall be

A sailors life for me

Set sail in day break ahead

Starboard side meets the winds

Pirates find land

Playing a pokers hand

Lies being formed and hidden of spite

Sailors honors to sail the wild seas

Starboard east to the rising sun

I’d rather be a sailor

A sailors life for me

A Story Of Thanksgiving- A children’s story

Moto the Tiger

He was only three

And he was learning to ride a bike

A tiger on a bike you say

Well this tiger wasn’t just any tiger

He was a curious circus tiger

He was learning to ride a bike

When suddenly a beam broke

It fell from the tent

Headed right for the monkey and ring master

For they were unaware

So Moto jumped of the bike and ran to save the monkey and ring master

He shiver them out of the way with a hard push and then jumped forwards also

The monkey in fear not knowing what was going on jumped off thee ring masters shoulder and ran to hide

When the ring master saw the beam

He thanked Moto and gave him the star stage performances for the night

The ring master had much thanks for Moto saving his life

He wanted to pay him back in someway

This was what he could do

The ring master also presented Moto with the biggest, thickest, and juiciest peace of meat giving him thanksgiving for his rescue

Moto felt like a king for a day

He went to bed happy that night

You see when we do good we get good and thanksgiving in return

What are you thankful for?

Be sure to give others thanksgiving for the kind things they do as well

The Consequence Of A Bully- A children’s story

One day a boy was playing in the park

He was engaged in a sliding board making every trip down

His mom kept calling to him in all fun

His name was Shawn

Each day after school Shawn’s mother would take him to the park to play

This one day Shawn met Riley

Riley was new to town and he was very shy

He asked Riley to swing with him

But Riley had no reply

So Shawn just went to swing by himself

Shawn was disappointed

He wanted to have someone play with him

Later he asked Riley to climb the climber with him

But yet again Riley denied

Eventually it was time for Shawn to return home for supper so Shawn ran over to Riley and said I come everyday to play so maybe next time it was nice meeting you even if you didn’t play I need to leave now goodbye

As Shawn began to leave Riley yelled goodbye

Shawn turned and smiled knowing that even though he hadn’t gotten to play he brightened someone’s day

After returning home Shawn’s mom prepared dinner as Shawn talked about his day

So Shawn told his mom all about Riley and that he was new but he was shy

Afterwards the family ate supper and sent Shawn to do his homework

While Shawn was engaging in his homework he began to think about Riley and the park

As he finished his work he said a prayer for Riley

“Lord, you know Riley best please if I see him again help me know what to say to him to help him open up thank you lord”

Then he went to bed

His parents came in to tuck Shawn in and say goodnight

When they did Shawn asked his dad how he could get Riley to play with him

Riley’s father said in time if he plays it will be when the time is right he is new to the area son then he kissed his son goodnight

And Shawn went to sleep

Early the next morning Shawn jumped out of bed and threw on his clothes

He then ran downstairs to eat breakfast so that he could get to school

All he could think about was Riley

He finished his breakfast and ran out the door before his mom could even leave the kitchen

Surprised his mom met him at the car and asked Shawn what has you so ecstatic this morning

Shawn replied I want to go to school so that’s I can get to the playground and try again to see Riley and get him to play momma

With a smile on her face they both climbed into their seats in the car

After belting themselves into their seats Shawn’s mom turned on the radio and they traveled to school

When Shawn got to school he jumped out of the car and began to run ahead in when his mom grabbed him and stopped him in his tracks

Hey, not so fast youngster she said as she reached for a hug

Shawn reached out gave her his hug and kiss and ran off yelling bye momma I love you

The school day began

Shawn kept looking at the clock ticking away every hour awaiting his playground time to look for Riley

Time seemed to be moving so slow today

Hours by hours went by

But it just moved turtle speed

After lunch his excitement returned because he only had three classes after lunch being that he is only four

Time passed by fast this time as his excitement returned

Finally it was time for his mom to come

He ran back n forth peering through the window expecting his mother and sure enough there she was so the aid walked him out but he ran ahead

He jumped in the car and buckled quickly into his seatbelt

When he got to the playground Riley was there playing on the climber

Shawn ran over to the climber and began to climb yelling hi Riley

Riley turned to see Shawn and just looked away Shawn knew he had to find out what Riley likes so when they finished climbing Shawn asked Riley if he wanted to slide with him

Riley turned and for the first time responded sheepishly okay

So together they went to the slide

One by one the children all slid down

Then they met this boy Todd

Todd was not kind

Todd was being a bully and picky with the boys he would insult and mock all that the boys would do until one time he couldn’t find his mother so he gently turned to the boys frantic and panicking and said I don’t see my mom

Shawn knew that he had been mean to them but instead he knew he had to keep him calm so he offered to stay with him till he saw his mom so he said let’s go tell my mom maybe she can help so the three boys ran across the playground to Shawn’s mom to save Todd’s panicking

They explained to Shawn’s mom what was going on

Shawn’s mom reassured the boys that Todd’s mom I’m sure was present just at the moment not found

They waited with Shawn’s mother and all talked to calm Todd down some

As they were sitting there talking Todd kept searching for his mother

He was becoming very anxious

He again said Shawn’s mother, I cannot find her

With that his mother came out of the bathroom looking for him

He saw her and ran to her giving her a great big hug

Todd told his mother he was scared because he couldn’t find her but that Shawn’s mother kept telling him it would be okay

In hearing this Todd’s mother took Todd’s hand and went to meet and thank Shawn and Shawn’s mother

The two mothers spoke and Todd’s mother thanked them and continued talking Shawn smiled and said I know how easily it is being scared I didn’t want him scared

Again she thanked him and all made friends

Shawn,Todd and Riley went home that night all happy and returned the next day again to play

You see sometimes we bully people but then may need them when we most need them and sometimes they will refuse to help because they’ve been bullied in this case Shawn even though he was bullied by Todd he decided to take matters on himself and show his bully love and compassion instead and they and their mothers all quickly became friends

The Turn Of A Lie- A Children’s story

It was a day in the rain

Patriot was at his post

When a rainbow lit the skyline

To him it meant the world

For you see soldiers see everything

They go through it all

It was a hard day for patriot

So there at his post he stopped

There he stood in his glory

For to see a rainbow it calmed his soul

He was hard at work

During a long bitter day

You see he was a soldier by day

A nurse by night

He was on post by the field

Where they were training

When the rainbow appeared

He knew all would be alright that day

There had been no attacks

The barracks we quiet

Though the field was full of work

The day came to an end

As this soldier now had to go be a nurse in the medical unit

He went to his barracks to drop off his equipment and gear

Then he went to the mess hall

For after an already long day

He needed a good meal

While he ate his SOS he got

Also known as creamed beef

He noticed to cadets talking

But they weren’t just talking

They were whispers

He wondered what they were conversing

So as he finished his meal

He threw out his trash

Where he was close enough to introduce himself

So he walked over to the two cadets

There he stood as the cadets got defensive

What do you want soldier

The one cadet asked in a stern gruff voice

Patriot responded

Sir I only wanted to introduce myself

I know many on this unit

He explained

Many except you two

Pulling away the two began to turn to leave

Patriot said soldiers

Why do you shun me?

The two turned to him and said

Our names are Patrick and Starling

As they left patriot felt something

He knew something was not right

But unable to piece together anything yet he went on to work where he was a nurse

Just another regular busy day

The medical bay was busy as usual

So many illnesses, injuries and then there was a woman in labor

She was to be one of his patients

He walked over to her to check on her

When he got there he noticed that she was very distraught

He stood there for a minute

Then he said I am patriot

I will be your nurse for this shift

He said so all you need just ask

She looked at him and said

I’m Elizabeth

He said it’s an honor to meet you

He then went on to say

I couldn’t help but noticed that you seem to be distressed and not from the pregnancy

She sheepishly began to turn away

She then said I’m fine

He said ma’am you don’t seem fine

She again said I’m fine

So again he spoke

He said well if you need anything just ask

As he turned tor goto the papers he had to go through on his other patients

He started to walk away

But Elizabeth called him back

She said wait

He again turned towards her

And stuttered uh yes

As he walked towards her

She said I am distressed

I don’t tend to open up very well

Knowing she lied as he had thought

He asked why did you lie

Why did you not just tell me something was wrong but that you felt uncomfortable opening up

She said I was scared

He said lying will get you nowhere

He said have you ever heard the story

The Lying King

Elizabeth said yes

That’s the story about the lions

Patriot said not the lion king

This is The Lying King

She said bashfully

Stuttering u uh no

But I guess I’m going to learn about it

He continued

Yes I believe you are

We may disagree

But I want to be best for you and help you

So there was king who lied about everything

He said so many lies to his kingdom

So many lies that one day….

The kingdom turned against him

The people of the kingdom banished the king sending him far away

Far away for him to live all alone

You see lying doesn’t only hurt others

It can also hurt you

Lying is not a good thing to do

When you lie

You cause people to wonder if you ever tell the truth

You disappoint other people

You also cause people to stop trusting you

Something you tell others falsely or on purpose to hurt them are lies

Things that are lies are deceiving and dishonest

After being disappointed

People will think you always lie

This is not good

For one day you really may need true help and may ask for help and they won’t believe you when you most need it

You’ll be saying the truth but they won’t believe you when you need them to hear you and believe you

These tall tales


Start off small

But very quickly become very tall

So the moral of this story

Is that the king thought he was everything

He thought he ruled the kingdom so he could bully and deceive everyone and no none would know

Little did he know they’d find out he was lying about everything

And in turn he lost his crown

Hurting only himself

So think about that next time you want to lie Elizabeth said the nurse

And always apologize when you lye

It will hurt you most likely either way

Embarrassed Elizabeth said I see you’re correct

I’m sorry for lying

I won’t lie again

I’m just glad you didn’t lie about having any contractions for if you had I may not have believed you when you were in real active labor

I will be back to check on you

But now I have some papers I need to attend to

Elizabeth said Patriot, thank you

So you see when you lie it causes you more pain and hardships than you thought would come to you

Think before you speak next time

For it may be the last time someone listens to you

A Story Of Morality- A children’s story

The Troll And The Ogre

The little troll lived under a bridge

What was the trolls name but kavhee

Kavhee being a legacy

Made it her goal to give people purpose

She read scripture everyday and wanted to share the love and good news

She’d leave her bridge and go looking for a friend

When she’d find one she’d say

Hey! Do you know who He is?

The living God.

Now you may ask what does a troll know about God

Kavhee was brought up by a friendly pastor who taught her much and always made her day brighter

He was more than a pastor

He was family and friend

Each day she’d have a lesson of faith with the pastor

Making the Bible her favorite hobby

Praise of songs she sang in his holy name

While God she carried on her shoulder

So one day she found an ogre

Well we all know ogre with no manners

So she said dear ogre what’s your name

The ogre said why do you little mini care to know my name

She said ogre please what is your name

Again he said why should I tell you my name but if you must know it is Zuirot

Now zuirot did nothing but dig in the mud burp and fart as ogres tend to do

He sit in the mud and drew negative nasty images

Kavhee the caring troll she was asked Zuirot why do you draw so rudely in the mud?

Drawings of death and the devil and people who are sick

Zuirot answered why do you keep asking me questions? Why do you care?

With that Zuirot began getting angry and annoyed and stood up hovering over Kavhee in such large height for how tiny Kavhee is

Kavhee said sir I want to share my care with you which’s why I ask.

With negativity and rudeness of no manners you live in sin.

Zuirot asked so… anyway what is sin?

Kavhee continued Zuirot sin is a nature of which we choose a lifestyle of bad decisions and actions of intentions of harming yourself or others in ways that are wrong decisions and choices.

While sins are generally actions, any thought, word, or act considered immoral, selfish, shameful, harmful, or alienating might be termed “sinful”.

Zuirot asked why should I care? Why should I be anything but that of immoral whatever that means.

Kavhee continued on again, Zuirot immoral is not conforming to accepted standards of morality.

Zuirot what is moralty?

Kavhee replyed (Mor al ity)

Morality is knowing distinctions between right and wrong, good and bad behaviors Zuirot

I must say you don’t have a care or knowledge about moral which is what teaches morality

You zuirot have no manners and are not kind

You live in sin which is of the evil one, the devil

So! Who’s the devil?

Kavhee went on to answer Zuirot and explain who the devil is. You see zuirot the devil also known name of Lucifer is the personification of evil as it is conceived in many and various cultures and religious traditions. It is seen as the objectification of a hostile and destructive force.

The Devil who is also known as Satan In modern biblical translations, the Devil is the adversary of God and God’s people. I’m sorry what was your name?

Kavhee! Kavhee why should I care about all this stuff I don’t even know it.

That is why you should care Zuirot it is good decisions, good choices.

Right now you are rudely living in sin. Sin is wrong. You see Zuirot, Many Christians believe the Devil was once a beautiful angel named Lucifer who defied God and fell from grace. This assumption that he is a fallen angel is often based the book of Isaiah in the Bible which says, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations.”

Okay okay so you say what I do and feel is wrong in your eyes but what about my eyes and what is a Christian? Why should I change for you or anyone else? And why should I care about this devil thing?

A Christian Zuirot is a person of good someone who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. They are a person who believes in Jesus Christ and follows his teachings. So by you living in sin you are following Satan’s rule and doing,drawing, sharing evil and wrong doings. You are not very nice or wise to put it bluntly your rude. I want to share about the love of Jesus Christ with you and all the good he is.

Who is this man Jesus Christ? What good do I need from him?

Zuirot Jesus will save you if you allow him to work good in your life.

Jesus Christ is Jesus who was the Messiah (Christ), the Son of God who was crucified for the sins of humanity before rising from the dead. He gave his life on the cross to remove and erase sins of all the living. He did this to save us from the consequences becoming death.

For it proclaims in Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” You see Zuirot, no man but Jesus Christ has ever loved anyone the way that Jesus has by dieing to save us from our own death. When we live in sin we die in life we don’t live in Satan’s rule of negativity and wrong doings. Rather we do what is right and pleasing to God, to others, satisfying to the eyes. We help others, we draw of good and beautiful things. We make good decisions. We choose right over wrong.

Kavhee what is right over wrong?

Choices between right and wrong have been around since Adam and Eve, and even when ethical standards are straightforward it’s not always easy to choose a hard right way over an easy wrong one. The best leaders know the potential consequences of their unethical choices, and they create policies that discourage overstepping moral bounds.

So you see that’s where morality comes in.

By changing your values and behavior you also change your morals. Christ Jesus always loved and taught good to us, his people.

Kavhee what do I need to do to be good?

We have found that contemplation and conversation–just thinking and talking–can help people choose right over wrong.

We’re all on a journey of growth, change and evolution, and hopefully most of us are trying to make a conscious effort to be better human beings. None of us are perfect not even me Zuirot. However to help you change and become a better person no longer rude here are things that will help.

Let Go

Learn to let go of pain, anger, bitterness, resentment, and all the other destructive emotions that tear us apart. All we ever have is this present moment; this breath, this heartbeat, this opportunity for growth and presence. This is a moment we’ll never get back again, and if we consider the fact that we have no idea how long we’ll live, do we want to waste precious moments roiling with emotions that don’t do any good for anyone? What’s passed is past, and tomorrow doesn’t exist. Be present, and do not hold on to negativity.

Consider the Consequences of Every Action

Being conscientious is extremely important, as every action causes ripples that extend far beyond what can immediately be seen. For example: if you throw a piece of litter on the ground, not only does that pollute the environment, but if there are any children around to see you do so, they might think that such behaviour is acceptable, and then they’ll do the same, and so on.

Be Willing to Admit Ignorance, So You Can Learn

Very few people seem to be comfortable with admitting that they don’t know something. Maybe they feel that admitting ignorance about a subject will make them seem stupid, so they’ll feign knowledge and attempt to go with the flow in any given situation. This is highly detrimental on many counts, from a person being seen as an insufferable know-it-all, to projects going awry because an employee claimed to know something they didn’t.

If you don’t know something, admit to your lack of knowledge, and then immerse yourself in the subject so that you familiarize yourself with it. The universe is full of things that we don’t know, but the only way to grow and change is to open ourselves to opportunities to learn… and those won’t come about if we don’t leave space for them by saying “I know” to everything.

Try to Be Less Judgemental

This is something we’re all guilty of on occasion, but we can be conscious of this behaviour and try to lessen it over time. Each and every one of us is on a difficult journey, and we have absolutely no right to judge another’s life choices, especially since we may not have any idea what their lives have been like. Remember that none of us are any greater or lesser than any other, so approach all with an open mind and open heart, as equal travellers on life’s road.

Consider Another’s Point of View

When faced with a viewpoint that differs from theirs, many others get defensive, and lash out. Something that began with a simple difference of opinion, but then dissolved into name-calling, insults, and other abusive language. What’s the point of that, really? If someone’s opinion differs from yours, try to understand their point of view—you don’t have to agree with them, but that doesn’t mean that they should be insulted or made fun of for thinking differently.

Be Generous with Compliments

We will all go through difficult times, including periods in which we might not feel great about ourselves. Relationships can fall apart, emotional upheaval generally accompanies each of these experiences. Do you remember what it felt like the last time someone told you something wonderful that they thought about you? Imagine what others will experience when you say something lovely to them out of the blue

You don’t necessarily have to approach a stranger to tell them that you like their hair/clothes/etc. (although you can absolutely do this as long as you’re not creepy about it),be open to tell them something great. A simple line such as: “I was thinking about you today, and wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have someone as amazing as you in my life” can change the entire course of someone’s day, and you can rest assured that they’ll pay that beauty forward.

Cultivate Empathy and Compassion

We won’t always understand what another is going through via firsthand experience, but we can try to put ourselves in their shoes in order to have a bit more patience and compassion for them. Let’s say that you’ve been frustrated with someone because they’ve been complaining non-stop for weeks, and you just wish they’d shut up for a change. Rather than focusing on your own irritation at their sprog-talk, think about where they’re coming from. They may not have slept properly for weeks, or may be incredibly worn out, are they getting the help they need? Is this other in despair? Are they reaching out for any measure of comfort?

We’re often so blinded by our own emotions and responses to situations that we don’t consider the bigger picture, but taking a step back and analysing the situation can shed a lot of light, and help us change our thoughts and actions accordingly.

Study History, Even if it’s Uncomfortable to Do

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, which is why it’s so vital to really be aware of what has happened in the past; so we’re well aware of what brought us to where we are now, and how we can avoid their recurrence in the future. It’ll hurt like hell to do so but it’s incredibly important to know about such topics so we can ensure that they never happen again.

Spend Time in Nature

The Senegalese ecologist Baba Dioum once said: “In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.” He was quite right, wasn’t he? If people are only exposed to material wealth, that’s what they will cherish and place priority upon. By spending time in nature, we can learn to appreciate all the beauty that the natural world provides. Spending time in the forest can also have a marked effect on our well being this is becoming more popular.

Help Those Who Cannot Help Themselves

There are so many beings out there (both human and non) who could use a helping hand, and making a connection with a being who is vulnerable and in need of our help, is a life-changing experience. You cannot help but discover vital aspects about your self and your place in the world when you care for another.

Get to Know Different Individuals

In many cities around the world folks from all backgrounds and walks of life volunteer a few hours of their time, and you can take the opportunity to sit down and chat with them for a little while. but by sitting down and chatting with them (especially in an environment where no question is considered “stupid”), you can have the opportunity to connect on a very human level and move past any preconceptions or prejudices.

If you consider taking the time to seek out those whom you have always been curious about—you may discover that they are far more open to chatting with you than you’d expected. We all like to be understood and respected for who we are, and open dialogues are so conducive to greater compassion and acceptance of differences.

Along that very line…

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

This could mean immersing yourself in subject matter that you’re unfamiliar with (or even vaguely uncomfortable with) as a means to understand others more, going to a festival centred around a culture other than your own, attending religious services for a faith other than yours, or even just trying a new food. Every experience helps us grow as individuals, and even if you find that whatever you tried isn’t to your taste, at least your opinion stems from a place of awareness and experience, rather than just aversion and preconception.

Speak Gently

That seems like a simple concept, but it can be fairly difficult in practice. “It’s so easy to laugh. It’s so easy to hate. It takes strength to be gentle and kind”, and those are quite apt, aren’t they? Most of us are quite harried and stressed out, and it’s easy to overlook social niceties like excusing yourself if you bump into someone. Remember that others will always remember how you treated them, even if it’s just a couple of words tossed in their direction, so make them count.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness

This goes along with the previous recommendation, and can also make a monumental impact on more individuals than you can imagine. Offering your seat, or even just putting a bowl of water outside for dogs to drink from are just a few examples of little acts that can mean a great deal to others.

Appreciate Beauty, and Share It When You Can

There is an abundance of beauty around us at all times, if we but take a moment to really notice and appreciate it. nature, another’s smile, an animal’s friendship—these are all gorgeous, beautiful gifts that make life worth living. Appreciate them, be creative in your own way so you can bring even more beauty into the world, and share bits of joy as you come across them; you might just change another’s life by doing so.

Kavhee, I really have to do all that?

Zuirot if you do all these I promise you you will feel a lot better more calmer and you will become a better person and begin a change for good. Kavhee I want to know Jesus Christ how do I like you do?

1. Read about His life. …

2. Read the Savior’s own words. …

3. Study the Savior’s names and titles.

How well do you know the Savior? Think about the role He plays in your life. Is He a part of your daily activities, or do you think about Him only when it’s time to go to church? You can draw closer to the Savior by making small changes in the things they already do every day: praying and reading the scriptures. Adding more depth and sincerity to these activities can help you, too, grow closer to Jesus Christ.

Say Your Prayers

• Take time to listen when you pray. Imagine having a conversation with a friend who always talks and never lets you respond. Are your prayers ever like that? Instead, try to ponder about your life. Express gratitude. When you ask for help, pause to listen for answers.

• Make your prayers personal. Amulek taught the Zoramites to pray about everything in their lives, from their families to their fields and their flocks (see Alma 34:17–25). Even if you don’t have flocks and fields to pray over, try praying about your schoolwork or your relationships with your family and friends.

• Pray often. In fact, the scriptures tell us to “pray always” and, if we can’t pray out loud, to keep a prayer in our hearts (see D&C 10:5; 2 Nephi 32:9; Alma 34:26).

Read the scriptures

• Read about His life. The four gospels in the New Testament aren’t meant to be biographies, but these books tell us a lot about the world Jesus lived in and, more importantly, what He is like and what He taught.

• Read the Savior’s own words. All scripture is the word of God, and some verses are direct quotes. Study His teachings and apply them in your life.

• Study the Savior’s names and titles. Look up the entry “Christ, Names of,” in the Bible Dictionary. You can read all of the listed verses if you want, or select a name that interests you and read the verses listed next to it. Each name or title tells us something about the Savior’s nature and mission. As you learn about each one, you can gain a deeper understanding of who He is.

Kavhee thank you!! I’m going to make myself a better person and do good, the will of God and leave sin I don’t want to be known as a mean selfish nasty ogre anymore I really can be kind and enduring I’d like to start with you. Kavhee, may we be friends? Of course, we may different but we are both children of God. I’ll help you Zuirot. Bye Kavhee I have lots to do now. With that they said they’re goodbyes and Kavhee had helped someone that day so feeling happy and blessed she headed back to her bridge where she will stay and study once again in her word to share more with others of the stories of Christ

The end~

We can all learn from this story on how to be a better person and accept Christ as our savior accepting him into our lives as our savior to good and right from wrong and bad we all want to be the best we can be and each a better person than before let’s learn from Kavhee on how to be better in Christ.

The Blessings Of Thanksgiving

Come to the table

Bring yourself your friends and me

Share the evidence of thanksgiving

The evidence of what you’ve done for me

You lead me to victory

I see the truth of the evidence of the cross where you were nailed all over my life

I see the promises

I see the blessings you’ve designed

Come to the table

Be my special guest this thanksgiving

Shout the stories you’ve shared with me

I have debt that can not pay in return

You’ve taken me and saved me of sins

There’s a fee at the gate and I can not pay the toll

Yet you take it all

Mine eyes turn from looking down

But rise with you

My God you’ve given me my own salvation

Come to the table once again

and join me for thanksgiving my friend