I Love how his eyes gaze into mine as if he’s staring into a large open wide sky
The stars of intimate flame burn within his gaze yet he keeps silent so not to tell
However I feel and see his racing heart I feel the pounding fast beats
I see his heavy breathing and intimacy written in his eyes not at all a surprise
True love holds strong tales tieing two bonds as one lust becoming war, making love becoming forever one
two worlds once separate and of themselves met as soul mates thru fates door forever changing upon entry and becoming one forevermore
Not Lust, Not just sex, not one night stands mad to last all night tonight it’s making love,
becoming one putting meaning behind actions and names making one future bond for eternity and lifelong ends
New beginnings, New blessings a new life making and creating a whole new you
It’s not just sex its making love and adoring each other in every essence of way seeing each other from deep within and without to bring the best of the best from beneath each other out
forming a foundation of the outer heart to build upon the inner heart and plant upon it your true mark on love’s open door

I love the way he dreamily stares at me with just  slight smile as if to silently say you now I love you close your eyes and rest upon me I will keep you warm and safe
lay you head gently upon my chest and I will keep you warm have no fear I have shown you always in everyway I am here it’s ok now rest and stay calm I have given you all of me
It’s not about the sex it’s about the love the inner peace he brings and holds the entire way he sits by my sides it’s about the gentle feel he releases chemically as he just so subtle runs his fingers across my soft face
it’s about the bond you begin when you find that true one and find your one
your soulmate your beauty your sun it’s about when you make that choice together as two seperate human beings to together choose to become one

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Giving Heart

You look at me with star gazing within your eyes

Worry in your heart and mind

For a life your temporarily unable to support

A heart you want to withhold for your own forever

A story you can not beat

As your support and travel leads you to carry on and carry me to succeed

A heart built of love and faith

The willingness to keep going and fight

Strive for best to hold on

A willingness to stay strong and ready to survive

Not give up and run for the cliff

But have a ready heart to stay alive and strive

With your support pulling her to hold firm and carry on

Giving heart

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Gone With The Wind

Gone with the wind

Breeze brushing throughout your hair

I know your not gone forever

That you’ll always be near

But my heart misses you like you just don’t know

When your gone with the wind

Waiting like a child waiting to go to a candy store

Not wanting you to leave out that front door

I know duty calls

And your gone with the wind

However my heart calls to you to stay and come home again

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Laying Layden In Pain

Laying laden in pain

Every tear from your eye drained

You feel a fight that your not sure is written within

Done all you can to stay focused and keep going on

Laying layden in pain

Unsure if there’s anything more to come

Stiff and tense with all muscle left there is

Drowning within your own tears

Pain you can not hide or subside

Rings of time breaking within each gesture you make

Trying to capture the rising of the sunny days ahead

Pain laying layden deep within upon your bed

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When You Cry Yourself A River

When you cry yourself a river

When tears fall from your eyes

No one there to catch every tear that should fall or you as you reach for a hand to hold

When you cry yourself a river

You cry yourself to bed

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A Beautiful Star

I look beyond your eyes

I see what they can’t see

The beauty beyond that shy hidden smile

You are the world in so many ways that God has blessed you

Your wings and heart are large in every way

Your love goes beyond the measures of the universe

You mean so much that only one who takes the time to believe and see will know

You are so much more than you could be imagined

No one can measure to the beauty and kindness of love you gave everyday

You are immeasurable

Your heart is always so close and near

Full of joy and peace around

You are everything that builds me up

You are my world within and out

You are my everything

You are a beautiful star

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Embrace Of Love

Embraced in the loving arms of strength and passion of the loving family you crave and want to be with and around everyday

living alone in a corner of life with no one around silence and secrets being formed

embracing the love and happiness of family always by your side

protecting me and guiding me in genuine love, loyalty and trust

Missing the embrace of love of my loving family again wanting them home

Missing them so

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Back In The Arms Of My Family

Praying everyday for trust and safety of my family  I try to respect them in every way yet something always backfires me doing what’s best always ends up hurting me and someone somehow and all my respect backfires me I want to wake from this bad dream back to reality and safety back home with the love of my loved ones I love out of this empty fog of nothing I’m feeling hurting me back in the arms of my family

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